Bowser Jr's All Nighter Is a parody of one of SuperMarioLogan's Latest Videos!

Plot/Synopsis Edit

Bowser Jr Bets The Other Koopalings That He Can Stay Up Until 10:00AM. Whoever Won Will Be The Plush to say "Gimme Thumbs" At the end of every video,& To Get their own series.

Whoever Lost Will No Longer Appear in videos EVER AGAIN & Will Watch CN'S The Borneos.

They All Shook Hands At once.

Bowser Jr Drank Mountain Dew,5 Hour Energy,SURGE,& Koopa Juice to stay awake.

Wendy,Lemmy,& Iggy All Whispered about sabotaging Junior to make him lose.

The Others(minus Junior) Found Blankets,Warm Milk,& Pillows & Gave them to Junior.

Junior Later Found Out the Truce & Launched 18 Year Old-Crystal Pepsi At the Others.

The others later summoned sleeping gas,But Junior Staked it & gained the ability to put people to sleep.IP

Junior Ate XTREME BLASTED CHIPS AHOY which stored energy inside you.

But a hour after staking sleeping gas,Junior later realized he couldn't control the power,

Junior later passed out at 10:00AM the other Koopalings found out Junior won by pulling a diversion to make them think he lost. Turns out The Others fell asleep.

at last The others received a Death-Warrant & Watched the borneos.

The End