Story: Donkey Kong wants to make the worlds biggest Banana! So he gets to egads labb,chucks Diddy Kong out the window so he gets in but finds Wario and Waluigi there using the big o Ray to make the biggest garlic ever!!! So Donkey Kong punches them out saying:Banana slama '' audio from Donkey Kong country TV show! Then he make the banana. Diddy gets angry for being chucked out the window and chucks Hank which flips a switch casing to banana to be so big! Donkey Kong is in love as the halalula music plays. But to his misfortune the banana walks away! Donkey kong, angry turns into Super Kong!(Until he eats the cape thinking its a banana!) The banana heads to a swimming pool where sonic the icecube is. He crashes into a radio playing Can you feel the sunshine and it faints in horror. Donkey Kong grabs it and takes it to his home. There he marrys the banana until Pac-Man eats it! Angry,DK Chases after him until Mega Man shoots him and Mega Man and Pac-Man fly in a magical rainbow to super smash Bros 4! After that Diddy covers for DK saying gimme thu-. DK punches Diddy and says 'Gimme thumbs!''