Marioluigiplushbros the MOVIE

the story starts that the mario bros rescued peach and daisy but there still chased by bowser with the wario bros and sonic there doing there own thing but a spaceship fell and crashed in the mushroom woods and they wen't inside and they saw a friendly alien named maligore he panicked and maligore warn them that the fairy queen is Kidnapped by someone who's evil so it's up for the heroes to rescue her from planet heartstar but something is up with maligore.


mario: main character and hero of the mushroom kingdom

luigi: mario's brother and also the hero of the mushroom kingdom

wario: brother to waluigi and rival and cousin to the Mario bros

waluigi: brother to wario and rival and cousin to the Mario bros

bowser: main enemy to mario and luigi and leader to the Koopa clan

sonic the hedgehog: annoying friend to the wario bros and the fastest hedgehog

peach: princess of the mushroom kingdom

daisy: princess of the sarrasaland kingdom

maligore: main antagonist and alien astronomer from outer space

fairy queen: kind ruler to fairy kingdom and planet heartstar

Neo maligore: maligore been possesed by the master crown becoming an alien super samurai

TRI-STAR: maligore's boat type spaceship


mushroom kingdom

sarassaland kingdom

mushroom woods

TRI-STAR( maligore's spaceship)

planet heartstar

fairy kingdom

the NEW world