Marioluigiplushbros the MOVIE 2

mario and there friends are heading to vacation at isle Delfino but then maligore has return for revenge and also he has a new ship which is the DARK STAR but then after that the TRI STAR is back and also he is now a good friend it's up for the heroes to defeat maligore and the DARK STAR.


mario: hero of the mushroom kingdom

luigi: marios brother

wario: rival and cousin to Mario and luigi

waluigi: rival and cousin to mario and luigi

bowser: main enemy to mario and luigi

sonic: fastest hedgehog and annoying friend to wario and waluigi

maligore: an alien astronomer who wants revenge on the heroes

flip: is a frog and friend to the wario bros

flop: flips brother and friend to the wario bros

hank: he is a monkey and friend to the Mario bros

peach: ruler of the mushroom kingdom

daisy: ruler of sarasaland kingdom

rosalina: princess in the comet observatory

fairy queen: ruler of fairy kingdom and planet heartstar

neo maligore: the powerful alien super samurai

TRI STAR: maligores former spaceship

DARK STAR: maligores new spaceship


mushroom kingdom

sarasaland kingdom

comet observatory

DARK STAR( the alien spaceship)

TRI STAR( the good alien spaceship)

planet heartstar

fairy kingdom

the NEW world

the abandon sanctuary

isle delfino

delfino beach

green hill zone

the mushroom forest