Wario's Addiction 3 is the third video in the Wario's Addiction series of videos. The video will be released November 27, 2015.

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Wario and Waluigi are walking through a carnival, with Wario deciding he should've waited to do the hot dog eating contest until after the roller coaster. Waluigi agrees, then suggests they head to the snack bar. Wario does not find anything good to eat, so he heads to the back alley to calm down. As he walks, he finds a slushie stand owned by Sir Slushie. Sir Slushie asks Wario if he wants a slushie, explaining that all the slushie spots in the world have shut down and that he managed to snag a few. Wario decides he wants a slushie, and buys one. After eating it, he decides to buy two more. After eating them, he decides he's still hungry. Since Sir Slushie says it is the "last" slushie, he says it is $1,000. Wario agrees and buys the slushie, then walks away. When Sir Slushie makes sure Wario has left, he closes down shop and leaves with a bag of slushies. After eating the slushie, Wario goes on a ride with Waluigi. After the ride, Wario starts to feel sick. Waluigi decides "You're about to taste those hot dogs again," but Wario decides that it is not the case. Then he faints and falls to the ground. Waluigi, now extremely scared, rushes Wario to the hospital. Wario wakes up to see Waluigi and Dr. Mario looking over him. After complaining about Mario being his doctor, Wario asks what is wrong with him. Dr. Mario replies with a smart-Alek "everything". He then goes on to say that the slushie was poisioned and that he would need get it out. Wario begs Mario not to go through surgery, but Mario reveals he just needs to throw cheese at him. Once it is done, Mario is startled to find out that the slushie was not poisoned after all. Waluigi thinks that Sir Slushie just did it to scare everyone and rip Wario off. The police then enter the room. Wario tells them the info, and the police go on theit way. The Mushroom Kingdom Police started a search party, and eventually found Sir Slushie Selling illegal slushies for thousands of dollers, he was thrown in jail.

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  • A spin-off entitled The Chase has been confirmed to release. It will follow the policenter as they try to catch Sir Slushie.