The Clone Project is the Last Episode of the Wario & Waluigi's Super Adventures Series.

This Ends On A Cliffhanger With Evil Sonic Clone's Eyes Opening.

Plot/Official Overview Edit

Wario,Waluigi,Sonic,& Mario Must Stop Plush Bro 4 From Making Evil Clones Of Main Characters.

Characters Edit





Plush Bro 4(as himself)

Evil Sonic Clone(eyes only)

Evil Mario Clone(Background Clone.)

Evil Wario Clone.(only says "Holy Mama!")

Evil Waluigi Clone(5 second appearance of being destroyed.)

Withered DK Clone

Withered Mario Clone

Bill Cipher

Trivia Edit

A Withered.exe Version Of DK Speaking Gibberish in A bloody-red background Is Played. But He is Saying"Gimme Thumbs For Cancelling Wario & Waluigi's Super Adventures" in Reverse