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Wario Eats A Moose is a video that is planned to come out January 2016. It will be the first appearence of Jeff the Moose.

Characters Edit

Story Edit

The video starts with Wario sitting at a table, complaining that he's hungry. Waluigi yells back that dinner is almost ready, and then presents dinner: driftwood. Wario asks why he fixed driftwood, and Waluigi says that they don't have any food left. Wario, feeling very hungry, then goes outside. After trying to convince Mario to allow him to raid his fridge, Wario walks outside to find a moose named Jeff. Being hungry, Wario decides to catch it. Wario chases Jeff into many different enviornments, including a volcano and arctic. After a long chase, Jeff hides inside a house. Wario runs after him, thinking he has him cornered. However, it turned out to be the base of the Moose Militia. Wario then runs away as moose attack him.

Gimme Thumbs Edit

This episode ends with Donkey Kong saying "Gimme Thumbs!", followed by Jeff coming in and saying, "For moose!"

Trivia Edit

  • When Jeff sees Wario, he yells "Holy mama!", a phrase Wario yells often.
  • It is confirmed bloopers will come out eventually.